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Platform explanation

This is the wallet where you have your money that you can withdraw and re-invest

Show the total of your active packages

This is the weekly passive earning wallet that is paid out every Monday.

This is the wallet dedicated to the earnings coming from the network that will be paid every Thursday.

This is the income that comes from the people registered directly under you.

Here you will find additional income

The total you have earned within Validus since you signed up to date.

Here you find the turnover that comes from your net, both on the left leg and on the right leg. These parameters will never be reset and will be added to the volumes that will arrive later.

This is the turnover that arrives from the network from Thursday to the following Thursday. This is the weekly turnover that is reset to zero on Thursday and where we are paid 10% by the leg in the network with the lowest turnover.

Here you will find information about your network, i.e. how many people you have registered on the left leg and how many on the right leg.

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