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Google authenticator

How to activate the Google authenticator

Log into your account and go to your profile.

Select password and 2FA

Now open the Goole authenticator app. If you don't have the App you can download it for free from the App store.

You  can enter the code manually by copying the code you see and pasting it  into the Gooogle authenticator App or if you enter your Validus account  from a PC you can scan the QR Code with the Google authenticator App.

After this step, on the Google authenticator App you will find a code that changes every 30 seconds.

Paste this code into your Validus account and click Activate 2FA

Ok. Two factor authentication has been set up correctly.

We also recommend that you copy the manual code you find on Validus onto a sheet of paper or another electronic device. This will be useful for example if you lose your smartphone. With the code you can set up Google authenticator on a new smartphone.
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