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What is the minimum investment ?

The minimum investment is $ 50

How do I make my first deposit

From the menu click on Wallet. Click on add money. Choose how much money you want to deposit on Validus and click on the Blue button. Choose which cryptocurrency to deposit in. Copy the address you see and where you will need to make the deposit. Transfer exactly the figure shown including the decimal numbers after the comma. Remember to add the commissions of your wallet so that exactly the amount you are asked for arrives on validus. The confirmation process usually takes 10-45 minutes, depending on each Currency's own time and the number of blocks required by the confirmations. The status page remains available for the next 30 days.

What happens if I accidentally send insufficient funds?

If you send insufficient funds, no problem. Just send us the remainder and we will combine the sums for you. You can send from different wallets / accounts if needed.

Can I have multiple Validus accounts?
Yes, you can have more than one account.

How long do I have to wait to receive my earnings?
Your deposit earnings will be credited on Monday. Keep in mind that a full week must go by. If a full week has not passed, you will receive your rewards on the following Monday.

What is road maps?

These are the objectives that the Company wants to achieve over time.

Can i participate in the trader academy?

Yes. Based on the investment you will be unlocked the links for the academy. The training courses are free.

What are Bonuses?

Bonuses are obtained from the Company based on the volume achieved.

Can I earn by signing up other people?

Yes, the earnings will be received after your organization invests money. Keep in mind, however, that in order to earn from the network you must also make an investment by purchasing at least a $ 50 package. You will continue to earn up to 500% of your investment from the network. After that you will have to buy another package on validus.

How does the company get its earnings?

The profit is generated through the validus pool, a fund managed by Validus that through movements in Crypto, Defii, Forex, etc., profits are obtained.

How is it deposited on Validus?

You can deposit with these cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Usdt

How much is the minimum to withdraw?

The minimum is $ 30

I lost the phone in which I had Google authenticator. How can I restore it?

The activation of Google authenticator can only be activated by the owner who requests it. A reset cocide is also provided along with the Gooogle authenticator cocide if you need to use another smartphone.

How does the referal link program work?

With Validus you can invite your friends, acquaintances or others to whom you are introducing the project. The Company will always recognize an incentive to the network leader.

In particular, there are 6 types of bonuses:

Direct Bonus:
Receive 10% on every direct registered.

Network bonus:
You will earn 10% of your downline turnover. Particularly the one found in the leg with the lowest turnover.

Leadership incentive:
The Company provides an incentive for all leaders who achieve a predetermined network turnover. Bonuses can be in the form of cash or other prizes.

Renewal bonus:
When our network members renew their plan, we are awarded a 10% premium on their selected plan.

Residual matrix:
It is a business platform on 3 legs, where it is inserted once certain objectives have been reached . The objectives to be achieved are: $ 5,000 in personal plan and $ 15,000 in volume on the direct network.

This matrix is ​​filled from left to right by other people achieving the same goals. Between each of these you will receive 1 dollar per day.

The passive 30:
All earnings obtained by the network are paid for 30% in a passive portfolio that generates a monthly interest equal to 10%. The remaining 70% of the earnings will be placed in an active portfolio where you can immediately withdraw or reinvest.

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