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Compound interest

Validus gives you the possibility to use the auto-dial interest.

For example if you buy a 1000 euro plan.

These 1000 euros will yield 3% after the first week, that is 30 euros. In this way we will have 30 euros in Total rewards, that is the total earnings obtained up to this moment.

The second week they will earn 3% on the 1000 euros, we will also earn 3% on the 30 euros we have already earned. The total earned in the second week will therefore be 60.90 euros.

The third week the process is repeated and we earn 3% from the 1000 euros plus 3% from the 60.90 euros. we will come to have a total profit of 92.70 euros

The fourth week we will have earned a total of 125.48 euros

So in the following weeks we will continue to earn both from our investment and from the earnings we have received.

In one month we earned 125 euros

By continuing in this way, at the end of the eleventh month we will have received a total gain of 350% on invested capital, that is 3500 euros.

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